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Paper Engineering

Introduction. Space, depth, relief and sculpture in the round.

1. Shallow, Medium, Deep
2. Paper Engineering/Pop-Up Technology: Metamorphoses on paper!
3. Transformations/Tunnel Books: Mid-1800's. Named after commemorative books for tunnel under Thames River in London.
4. Greeting Cards
5. pull-tabs
6. Pop-outs, pull-downs
7. Flaps. English landscape designer Capability Brown did before and after for landscapes.
8. Volvelles (Grommets for rotating circular parts)
9. Paper Dolls

Notable historical works:
* 1303 Manuscript for an astrological book
* 1564 Cosmographia Petri Apiani, astrological book
* 1565 Anatomy book
* Before 1770 No books for children.

* 200 to 300 pop-ups published in England each year. Most are assembled in Singapore, Colombia, and Mexico. Take about 60 people doing up to 100 individual handwork procedures; glue, tape, connect, insert, fold, etc.

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Paper Engineering

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