Art Education Lessons
“Illustrated Historical Timeline: An Interdisciplinary Exploration with Image and Text”
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1. Study creative timelines and chronological charts in books, magazines, and online publications.
2. Select a topic.
2. Write an outline of the major developments in the specified area of study. Use no quotes. All text must be original writing. Start with the date in bold. Then include the text.
2. Build a quality Bibliography and use footnotes for all facts.
3. Start a folder. Title the folder using no spaces or symbols.
4. Scan in all of your original artwork that illustrates the timeline benchmarks.
5. Save the artwork 400 pixels wide. Place it in the above folder.
6. Type up your timeline and lay everything out in a chart.
7. Insert artwork into the chart.
8. Save the file as a Word document and place it in the folder
9. Save it as a HTML file and save it in the folder.

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