Warsaw High School
Performing Art Center
1 Tiger Lane, Warsaw, Indiana 46580


D.M. Swartzentruber, MFA
Visual Art Department
574-371-5099 Ext. 2194

Exhibit Schedule

June, 2012
Kelly Morrow"Portraying the Amish"
May, 2012

Merna Eisenbraun
May 19th ???

Tri Kappa Fine Arts Festival: Thursday evening 7:00 to 9:00
April 2012
marvin bartel

Marvin Bartel: Stoneware

Bartel is Emeritus Professor of Art, Goshen College, where he taught courses in ceramics, art education, drafting, architectural design, and photography from 1970 to 2002.
Dr. Bartel continues as a consultant, lecturer, workshop and seminar leader in art education and in creativity education. He continues to be an active artist, writer, and traveler.Prior to coming to Goshen he was tenured at Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman University) where he brought ceramics to their art department (1965 to 1970). Earlier he taught drawing, painting, and deign at Bethel College (Kansas) and headed the creative arts at Prairie View Mental Health Center, Newton, Kansas. Bartel began his career at Topeka High School (Kansas) in 1960 teaching ceramics, jewelry, and other art courses.

March 2012

WCHS Perminent Collection Exhibit
March 17th, 2012. Saturday 10 - 4:00 Tri-Kappa Elementary Art Exhibit

Feb - March 14 2012

Photography of Kaitlyn Shriner & Sara Worth

Dec 2011 -Jan 2012
robert davis

Robert Davis "Prints and Images"
Oct - Nov 2011
scott holladay-1
Scott Holladay: Graphics & Illustrations

Scott Holladay has been working as a professional illustrator for over 25 years. His successful career has covered a broad swath of illustration endeavors, and he believes that this diversity keeps his work fresh and dynamic. Though specializing in medical illustration, Scott also explores his more creative side through his editorial and children’s illustration, and has always been attracted to the beauty unique to the architectural realm. His talent and experience enables him to meet your most challenging illustration needs, no matter how complex or how simple.
Sept, 2011
sherry johnson artist
Sherri Johnson "Connect the Dots: Cycle and Recycle"

I was one of the one hundred and fifty lucky teachers in the State of Indiana that received a Teacher Creativity Fellowship Grant last summer. My grant proposal blended travel, bicycling, studio time and education.I visited Alice Springs, Australia where I was able to see Aboriginal artists at work and learn an abundance of information about the culture.  There are many commonalities between Aboriginal struggle and that of the American Indian. Prior to traveling to Australia, I did a considerable amount of research concerning Aboriginal Art. I noted a common motif in the Aboriginal “Dot Painting” and the circular shapes in bicycle wheels, gears and sprockets. The metal sculptures on display are the first I have ever created. Despite teaching art for over twenty-five years, I had never worked with metal. Each of my pieces incorporates recycled pieces, particularly those from bicycles.  You will note I have used the circular motif in all of the pieces that I designed. I also devoted a portion of my studio time and to my love of watercolor. The set of small watercolors are reflective of my time in Sydney, Australia.

Location: Warsaw High School Performing Art Center, 1 Tiger Lane, Warsaw, Indiana 46580

Don Swartzentruber, Visual Art Department, 574-371-5099 Ext. 2194

Display Size:
The PAC has a beautiful display area. All artwork is locked behind glass windows. The window sizes:
LEFTS SIDE: 85"x70" - 85"x180" RIGHT SIDE: 85"x180" - 85"x70". We also have circular displays for additional 3-D work.

Gallery Hours:  The PAC lobby gallery is open to faculty and student through the day. It is open to the public Monday-Friday: 2:45-4:00. Please use visitor parking at main entrance. It is also visable during evening performances at the PAC.

Insurance: Warsaw Community Schools does not assume any legal responsibility for damaged or stolen artwork. Artists are responsible for their own insurance for their artwork. Artwork is locked behind glass casses.

Send Press Release to: Times Union, P.O. Box 1448, Warsaw, IN 46581

Sales: All sales are made directly with the artist and artwork is picked up after the exhibition directly from the artist. Payment is made to the artist and not Warsaw Community Schools. Contact information should be displayed inside the exhibit case with a bio and statement of purpose.

Setting up the Exhibition: Schedule with the curator.