Art Education Lessons
How to Draw in 1 Point Perspective

box Lecture: Perspective in Art History
box Daily Demonstrations: One Point

Lesson 1: Getting Started
Lesson 2: Mistakes
Lesson 3: Shape to Form
Lesson 4: Depth Lesson
Lesson 5: Depth: Never Guess
Lesson 6: Depth: First Examples
Lesson 7: Thickness: Several Ways
Lesson 8: Color the Form
Lesson 9: Slides: Single Forms
Lesson 10: Slides: Overlap Forms
Lesson 11: Project Examples
Lesson 12: Problems at the Axis
Lesson 13: Drawing Inside
Lesson 14: Drawing Outside
Lesson 15: Drawing Objects

box Option 1:  Hallway (Straight ahead view)
box Option 2:  Courtyard (Straight ahead view)
box Option 3:  Classroom desk, chair, walls, objects, etc.(Straight ahead view)
box Option 4:  Complex Forms (Straight ahead view)
box Option 5:  Combine and replicate several photos into one picture (Straight ahead view)
box Option 6:  Inside a building
(Straight ahead view)
box Option 7:  Outside view of a building (Straight ahead view)
box Option 8:  Vehicle (Straight ahead view)
box Option 9:  Student's Choice: Creative solution to showing 1pt knowledge. (Straight ahead view)
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