AP Studio Art Application

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The following criteria must be met to apply to for the senior Studio Art class:

1. You must be a junior student who holds a very strong interest in art.
2. We recommend that you complete 2 terms of art classes (including a drawing class, preferably) earning a B average or higher in each class.
3. AP Studio Art is a two term class.  You will produce a portfolio at the conclusion of the class, which will include 24 + works of art.
4. You must have an art teacher’s (recommendation) signature

Please answer the following:

Circle art courses you are in (or) have completed. Add approximate grade to the right.

Ceramics I

Drawing III


Ceramics II

Painting I

Studio Art

Ceramics III

Painting II

Visual Communications I

Drawing I

Photo I

Visual Communications II

Drawing II

Photo II

Independent Study __________

What area of art are you interested in specifically?

Do you pla
n to attend a college or art school? If so, where?

In what area of art do you feel most competent?

What is your area of weakness in art?

You may make Additional Comments on the back

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