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Figure Drawing
Figure [Integrated Studies- Indiana Standards:13 (Science)]
BOX * Why figure drawing *
BOX Figure drawing by children and those that don't know the formula
BOXLecture: “Michelangelo, sculpture of David” (1475-1564) Video: Michelangelo: Artist and Man-V2038 (60 min)
BOX Demonstration: “Figure Proportions
BOX Video: Language of Drawing-V1103 (small section of 90 min)
BOX Study: Manikin Study: Photograph o Study: Life Drawing o Study: Foreshortening
BOX Study:  15-minute life drawings with the class: Watercolor Markers, Prisma Colors, Drawing Pencils

(1) Balloon
FIRST COLOR PENCIL: (LIGHT) orange, light green, light blue
The balloon is head shaped. The string is the spinal column the flows down to the pelvis area.

(2) Bean
The bean shape appropriates sections 2,3 and 4 that ride under the head. It is the chest, abdominal and torso area
(3) Dot-to-dot
What makes figure drawing such a challenging endeavor is foreshortening. Place points at the elbows to hands (and) knees to feet.  Then connect the dots with contours of the appendages.  
(4) Anatomy Drawing
SECOND COLOR PENCIL: (DARK) Blue, purple, red. Aggressively examine the figure and work over the sketch with more detailed anatomical rendering.

BOX Homework: Option 1:  Draw from mirror, family member or a friend, study hall friend. 
BOX Homework: Option 2:  Do a creative anatomy chart. (i.e. the bottom layer shows the soul and spirit. The next layer is the muscle labeled in Arabic calligraphy, the next Mylar layer is a dressed figure, the top layer shows the skeletal figure.   
BOX Homework: Option 3:  Show a sequence from stick figure, manikin, formula, muscle diagram, realistic rendering.
BOX Homework: Option 4: Do a flipbook of gesture drawings showing a person in movement.
BOX Homework: Option 5:  On large colored paper, draw 3-6 contours in different poses with crayon.
BOX Homework: Option 6:  Do a paper cut-out of the body parts in one color and assemble them onto another color.
BOX Homework: Option 7:  Have a model do a seated pose wrapped in a blanket. Form will emerge as you draw value differences.
BOX Homework: Option 8:  Experiment with projection and outlined silhouettes. Inside of the silhouette draw detailed body parts.
BOX Homework: Option 9:  Collect/render photographs showing extreme differences in the figure. i.e. basketball player, dwarf.
BOX Homework: Option 10:  Work from an elevated model, or sit on the floor and look up at the model. Point of view.

Excellent Average Substandard …..Used figure formula
Excellent Average Substandard….. Worked whole picture at the same time
Excellent Average Substandard….. Simplicity 1st, adding complexity later.
Excellent Average Substandard….. Sketched lightly and built dark values later
Excellent Average Substandard……Size. Good use of scale and composition.
Excellent Average Substandard……Purposeful effort based on academics



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