Art Education Lessons


Bibliography: Add a bibliography of reading and personal interviews that you will do to strengthen your project.

Research: WCHS Media Center Vertical File Request Form: D.O.T. Folder (Occupations), Art Galleries, Web Search, Libraries, Review your sketchbook,

Visual Profile: Find your visual preferences. At home go through pile of old magazines. Rip out 50 pictures that you find appealing. Evaluate these pictures based on the elements and principles of design. What are your intuitive likes and deslikes.

Gallery visit. Visit art galleries and museums, and turn in critical essay. Example: Grace College Art Gallery, Winona Lake. On the second floor of the Westminster Building next to the fire department.

Show evidence of knowledge in perspective, figure drawing, and work that demonstrates your understanding of the art elements.
-Go for growth
How is the work a “Stretch” for you?

“The art world is much tougher than you think-whether is the practice side, the theory side, then history side, then gallery side, the classroom side, the selling side, the buying side, the working side, the thinking side, Therefore, be prepared to work extra hard from the beginning on everything you undertake, but do not undertake too much. Too many students today try to do too much-resulting in work that is fragmentary and not up to there potential. The intentions are sincere, but you really cannot do it all well. Focus on what is important and on what your professors tell you is important. Let the rest just fade into the important and on what your professors tell you are important; Let the rest just fade into the background. This is the way to become really good at something, and the sooner you start doing it the better you will be at whatever you decide to do. Trust yourself to do your best, that is the beginning of originality.”
- Catherine M Soussloff, Professor of Art History and Patricia and Rowland Rebele Chair in Art History, Universality of California

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