Art is an exercise of the mind. It pulls from both hemispheres of the brain. One can only go as deep as the intellectual pursuits they have engaged in. Since this is an advanced placement course the College Board is excited to examine art by seniors who are thinking like a college student. The Media Center will assist you in select material to read that will feed your studio process, navigating beyond obvious visual answers and move into critical and original thinking.
Develop a short list of reading material (Journals, books, websites). History/Art History: Become familiar with the background of the methods, materials and theme you are working with.Develop a short list of reading material that will assist you in doing college level artwork during AP in Media Center. (Journals, books, websites). History/Art History: Become familiar with the background of the methods, materials and theme you are working with.
-Personal Interviews
-Media Center Files
-Library Loan program
-Web Search
  MATERIALS: What art supplies have used
  ART HISTORY: What artists do you appreciate
  STUDIO PLAN: Write out your idea for your twelve focused works of art. This should build off of your strengths. For many students it is helpful to throw out several ideas.
-Visual Profile
-How is the work a "stretch" for you?
  Craftsman: Become an expert with the tools you will be working with. Know these art supplies and become a master in using them. Purchase supplies to work with over the summer.

Workshop/Job Shadow/Mini-Internship: Get more exposure to that career discipline.  Find a mentor.


Software: If technology is an important part of your portfolio learn it well over the summer.

  Field Trips: Visit some art museums over summer or other helpful field trips.
  Sketchbook: Be an idea scavenger. Keep a sketchbook all summer. Writing down lots of ideas. Explore your theme with lots of quick sketches. 
SEPT____ [$87] Pay fee for AP Exam. $13 for free and reduced lunch students.
SEPT____ [$20] Purchase Art Kit at bookstore
t 8.5 X 11 Portfolio t Etching plate t Polymar clay


Lefforge, Morrow, Tomasik, other


SEPT____ AP/Honors AP trip to ExpoChicago at Navy Pier
  ENRICHMENT REQUIREMENTS [ arrow = Select 10 points for semester ]
arrow [These options = 5 points]
t Curator of Annual Community Juried Show
t Curator of Annual Community Juried Show
t PAC Exhibition Technician
t PAC Press Release Specialist
t Publicity Specialist for Department & Spring Arts Festival
t Research Specialist
t Video Production for Department & Spring Arts Festival
t Web Content and Portfolio Assistant
SEPT____ arrow Art in the Park at Center Lake. Artists will participate by drawing children’s portraits. This counts toward community service on student’s resume. (10-1:00)
SEPT____ arrow Juried Heartland Artist Regional Art Exhibit: Heartland Artists Gallery, 203 N. Michigan St. Plymouth. $10 per entry. www.heartlandartgallery.com (574) 936-9515. $1,450 in awards.
SEPT____ arrow Midwest Museum of American Art. Elkhart Juried Regional: Entry fee/2 image limit. Must be 18.
OCT____ arrow Honeywell Center/Clark Gallery: Annual Photographers Show: Entry fee. Forms available at www.honeywellcenter.org.
arrow Artlink,  [NOT REQUIRED] Life Drawing at  437 E. Berry St. Ft. Wayne. 424-7195. $6 for 3 hrs (or) $2/hr. Wednesday evenings 7-10 pm. Saturday afternoon 12:00-3:00 pm. If you are under 18 you must take a permission slip signed from your parents with a phone number
arrow Orthodontic Specialty Services,
841 S. Union, Warsaw (574-267-1490) AP Exhibition
OCT____ arrow Chamber of Commerce Taste & Trade Expo Community Art Exhibits. Friday/October/11 -7. Saturday/10 - 4. The exhibits will be in the upper level mezzanine. Set up the evening before (Thursday), between 2 - 5 p.m., or Friday 7 - 10:30 a.m.  Tear down at close of the Expo (Saturday/ 4:00 pm). 
Place date (5/15/12) at bottom of each page.
Only draw on front side of each page.
Things to include:
t Thumbnails for larger projects.
t Life drawing from in/out of class, i.e.figure drawing, animals, stilllife.
t Journal of personal experiences that may be helpful for future images.
t Illustrations/notes of learning from other disciplines.
t Current events, reading notes, found objects.
t Experiment with materials: watercolor, ink pens, chalks, etc.
TBA arrow College Night & Financial Aid Meeting
OCT____ arrow First Friday: Downtown by the Courthouse (Community Service)
OCT____ Senior (PSAT) Day:
(1) Visit College (2) Job Shadow (3) Community Service
OCT____ arrow National Portfolio Day www.npda.org at Herron & other schools. Attend portfolio review and write ½ page report
NOV____ arrow Art Club Trip
NOV____ All-Night Studio Work Night
At school from 6pm to 4am. Faculty review will start at 6PM.
FALL College Visits & Applications
FALL Collect Letters of Recommendation
Someone who can discuss your (1) Work ethic (2) Character (3) Accomplishments. Fill out paperwork from guidance.
FALL Sequential Mixed media series
FALL Sketchbook Mixed media work
Dec 18, 2012 Statement of Purpose
Students will write statement about their personal art practice. Most collage art programs require this essay. You will critically describe your art and contextualize your unique exhibit. You can include influences, the materials used, influences, and theme. The essay should focus on what makes your work unique. Consider the interdisciplinary nature of the work when making your case.

Statement: In 300 to 750 words total, answer the following questions: (1) Why did you select the work you submitted for your Art Portfolio? (2) How do you hope people will react when they look at your work? (3) What role does art play in your life?

(1) What is the central idea of your concentration? (500 characters maximum) (2) How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? You may refer to specific images as examples. When referencing specific images, please indicate the image numbers. (1350 characters maximum)
WINTER Scholastics Images:
Original Art Categories: Architecture/Environmental Design, Art Portfolio, Ceramics/Glass, Computer Graphics, Drawing, Jewelry/Metalsmithing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Photography Portfolio, Printmaking, Production Design, Sculpture, Textile/Fabric Design, Video/Film/Animation.

Scholastics Portfolio

“Individual portfolio of eight works, including at least three drawings. CD  not returned. The Portfolio Series Award=$20,000. 
Jan 11

The Kosciusko County Community Foundation lecture to inform parents and students about the College Cost Estimator software available online to all families.

April arrow SAT Preparation Class (Talk to Guidance Office) $45 aprox.
March College: State Financial Aid paperwork
If any senior would like to receive financial aid from the State of Indiana this deadline must be met.  Go to fafsa.ed.gov to complete the FAFSA.
April arrow Lakeland Art Association Scholarship & Portfolio Exhibit
120 N First St, Pierceton, IN 46562, (574) 594-9950 artsreach@kconline.com
April AP Collageboard Portfolio:
Section I: Quality: Five actual drawings; maximum size is 18" x 24"
Section II: Concentration: 12 images; some may be details
Section II: Breadth: 12 works; one slide of each is submitted  
April Judge Juried Community Art Show in PAC
April GRAPHIC DESIGN: Cover for Commencement
April Help with Art Festival publicity. Notify Newspapers/TV/Radio, online news sources, organizations, and personal invitations. Send new release from the Spring Art Festival Page out to friends and family.
face book twiter

EXHIBITION: Tri Kappa Spring Art Senior Show:
- Create an artwork inventory. Sketch  layout of your exhibit. Inform us if you have special exhibit needs. (i.e. electricity, video projection, etc)
- Prepare artwork (matting, mounting)
- Placed stickers on all work to be considered for purchase award
- Bring large black sheets for back display. Keep display clean and simple.
- Tape on label on art created this school year for judging  in categories.
-All matt board work must be done the Friday before the show.
- Complete Art Club Scholarship form
- Setup on Monday & Tuesday
- Send out invitations and let family and friends know about the show.
- Attend the opening and talk about your work with patrons.
- Take down exhibit and take work home on Tuesday.

  Move all current images into MISC folder. Delete duplicates.
Make your portfolio slide:
(1) Duplicate the LAS templete slide 24 + times
(2) Keep the LAS at 1200x750 pixels. Don't make smaller
(3) Don't turn the slide. You can add a side detail
(4) Leave web address at the bottom.
(5) Title file as B=breadth C=concentration as follows:
B-discription.jpeg (no spaces in title)
C-disciption.jpeg (no spaces in title)
  Put Statement of purpose in folder [Word File]
  Put Concentration resources to pass on for future AP artists in folder.
(1) One page research paper built around your concentration [Word File] (or)
(2) Create a list of 20 quality links that would help someone else doing your focus [Word File]
  Résumé: Update or build * Get parental suggestions * Word file.
  Research Work: Artist, Art Career, How to, or Art History. Paper/Bibliography, Webpage/Links. (Part of Exam)
  Guest Speakers: Alumni & Guest Speaker Notes
  Art Film: Process & Review


arrowView Enrichment Page


arrow Internship/ Apprenticeship/Job Shadowing:
After school or weekends at Village of Winona, Warsaw Cut Glass, etc.

  arrow Visit a gallery and write a review
  arrow Teach: For future art teachers. Run a 1 (or) 2 day workshop.
April 28th arrow Annual Congressional Art Competition – An Artistic Discovery. Winning art from each participating Congressional District will be displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one full year, where it will be seen by thousands of people. Please contact Shannon Miller at my Fort Wayne District Office at (260) 424-3041
  arrow Warsaw Public Library:
Exhibit, attend a class, teach a workshop
Early January arrow Advocacy for the Arts/Art Activist: The Indiana Coalition for the Arts (INCA) day at the Statehouse. Arts Day allows you to meet with your legislator to express the importance and impact the arts have on your community.  inartscoalition.org

Pierceton Art Fair: Jurried Show.Second weekend in July.

Math: Ask Rose: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s Homework Hotline provides free math & science homework help to Indiana students. Tutors are available students 6 – 12th grade, Sunday – Thursday, 7pm – 10pm, September – May! Call toll free 1-877-ASK- ROSE (or) www.askrose.org.